Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love, Life, and the crazy mess of it all!

I was watching t.v. a few nights ago, and during a commercial the season premier previews for the ABC Family show Greek came on. And in the preview this quote was said... "Some people should be around your entire life... Others should just make an appearance." So as I laid there thinking about how much I love that quote, the words are so true. The past year since I have lived in Chesnee, I have had some not so great relationships... Which has led me to be where I am now. Single, but not so upset anymore at the fact that I am. But I thought about what that quote meant. God has the perfect guy picked out for me already. I keep telling myself one day he will show up, but I never seem to wait for God to put him in my path. I have always been the one to follow my heart and hope that everything will work out. Well here lately it hasn't. There is no doubt in my mind that God has let me go through the things that I have gone through to prove a point to me. If I am patient and will wait on Him to do his work, I will benefit from it more in the long run.

For me to say all this means nothing though. I can say that I will wait and that I am not going to look for a relationship, but those words mean nothing until I put them into action. I was talking to a small group of friend the other night about how I am so petrified that I am going to end up alone. I know that God has great things for me and he would never want for me to be alone, but I am so hesitant on giving everything to Him. But until I do, the rewards that I want- to find a great man, have a serious long term relationship, get married, all that jazz- is never going to happen. I try so hard to be positive about this, but in today's society it is very hard. With so many things routing against me, I feel like nothing is for me. When I feel that way I try to stay positive and know that first off, God is always routing for me, and secondly my friends and family are as well.

So here is my promise to myself. The next time I feel like I am starting to like someone, I will pull out my list of "attributes" that I look for in a guy. If he does not meet at least 90% of those said "attributes", he doesn't get a chance. That might seem unrealistic, but I know that God has the perfect guy for me out there, and God knows the things that I like in a guy. I think that he would send me the right one, who fell into the 90% requirements for me. The list of things that I look for will be posted. Not unrealistic attributes like "6-pack abs" but ones that make a well rounded guy. Personality is a must for me. Looks are great too, but I am not shallow and have no reason to be.

My hope for me, is that I will be patient enough to wait for God to send me the right guy. I know that he will, and that it just takes time. But if you know me, then you know that I am the most impatient person ever. I want to know without a shadow of doubt that the next guy I date, has the greatest potential to be the man that I marry. I am almost 20 years old, and I know that is still young, but I want more than anything to get married and have a family. -Not anytime soon for kids, hubby comes first =)

So in saying all of this... I realize that every guy that I have dated has been a stepping stone to the guy that I will marry. The quote hit the nail on the head. Not all guys are supposed to be around my entire life, sometimes they should just make an appearance. I am very excited to see what God has planned and what He will send my way when I am patient enough to wait for it =)

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